Florence Girls Soccer

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Touches, Conditioning, and Strength Training

This workout, due to the fact I have no idea right now what shape you are all in, is a basic and introductory plan. I want you all to remember and understand that great caution needs to be taken into consideration anytime you lift or run. Eating Right, Stretching, Focus, Hydration, Cool Down, and Quality Sleep are all things to consider. Most importantly, I like to say quality work means quality results.

Along with Camp Practices and Fall Practices there is necessary conditioning and strengthening to become faster and stronger. This will separate you as an individual and us as a team. Could be for a starting position or against an opponent. 

I expect ALL of you to come into season in shape and ready to go. While there will be daily workouts regarding maintaining our bodies and pushing to limits, it is not the primary focus. In other words, I do not expect to focus practice time on getting in shape in the beginning of the season.

Contact me for a quick and easy guide to off season. I will provide more detailed workouts as we get closer to season. I look to have Saturday Practices. You will be expected to weight train leading up to season. I will provide sheets for those workout as well. 

For now, I only expect this quick guide to be used and attendance to summer camp. I understand many of you go on vacation. No one will be penalized for this, but your personal fitness and skill development is critical to me, so please run while your soaking up rays on the beach and take a ball. Touches on the sand are great!

I have also included for all of you a couple of YouTube links. We will be doing these 15-minute work outs at camp and in season for warm ups. Teams that have more touches are proven winners and more successful.





Contact Coach Rob so he can get you a summer or fall workout plan!


Here are a few tryout tests I will be conducting to assess who is in shape and who is not as well as who is getting touches in off season.

1 mile run time 

3 mile run time

40-yard dash time / 40-yard dash time with ball  

UP and back 10-yard weave with ball 

Bench press 

Push Ups / minute 


Plank times

Crunches / Leg Raise for time

Range of motion and Flexibility testing

Kick/Clear for Distance

Accuracy Kick/Pass/Shot on goal

Teamwork / Confidence / Leadership

Again Questions call me or email.

Coach Rob